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Polymath with a passion for brands and a knack for leadership.

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Brand Manager

An experienced designer and storyteller, I believe that meaningful brand expressions are built upon rich insights, emotional connections, and great design.

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Digital Marketer

A modern generalist, I am skilled in community building, digital advertising, UX, SEO, eComm optimization and reputation management.

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Design Thinker

A conceptual storyteller and multidisciplinary creative director, I distill the complex, think holistically, and bring ideas to life.


Proud Generalist

Digital Marketing

Channel Management

Creative Direction

Package Design

Brand Management

Consumer & Industry Insights


Print Design

Digital Production

Video & Interactive

User Experience

Web Design

About Me

The Cliff Notes Version...

  • 2004

    In The Beginning

    Graduating with an AA in Graphic Design, I spent my first few career building years as a visual problem solver, designing for many disciplines.

  • 2008

    Finding My Way

    Returning to school for an Interdisciplinary BA in Marketing. My concentration was focused on Communications, Design and New Media Journalism.

  • 2011

    Driving Growth

    Working as a web designer for a medical device company, I managed all things digital and brand related. During this time I successfully lead my company through a major corporate rebrand — igniting my passion for brand building.

  • 2013

    Digital Transformation

    After earning a graduate certificate in Digital Marketing, I began developing successful multi-channel campaigns, in a highly regulated B2B environment.

  • 2014

    Bringing It All Together

    Moving from B2B to B2C, I manage marketing efforts in support of national cleaning brands, which include: Mr. Clean, Dawn, Gain, Clorox, Liquid Plumr, Black & Decker, Evercare and Clean Ones.

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Urban Adventurer, Obsessive Photographer, Wine Snob & Lifelong Learner

Pippa Peterson

Brand Manager

Roles: Brand Manager, Creative Director, Package Designer, Digital Marketing Strategist, Insights Manager, Digital Producer, Program Manager, Brand Marketer, Project Manager, Designer, Marketing Generalist & Photographer.

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